Letter of support to the Portuguese Association of Social Workers


To the President of the Portuguese Parliament Your Excellency, Mr Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues,

The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) European Region has followed the steps that have been developed by the Portuguese Social Workers for more than 15 years through the Portuguese Association of Social Workers (APSS), for the recognition of its status as a legal order. It is, indeed, a kind of professional organization already achieved in many European countries and also at an international level.

We have learnt of the latest developments in the headquarters of the Portuguese Parliament to give fair sequence and completion of this new organizational level of the Social Work profession.

We are aware that this process is an important factor not only for the regulation of the profession, but also to better safeguard the interests of citizens and their institutions.

Therefore, we stand together with APSS in recognition of the important work carried out by the Parliament towards the achievement of the Portuguese Social Workers order and at the same time, we hope and request that the process is successfully completed in order to achieve a more demanding regulation of the profession, legally bound to ethical principles. Only with regulated professions can one serve better the common good.

In anticipation of  a  successful  conclusion  of  the  process,  we  present  our  associative  greetings.

Best Regards,

President of the IFSW European Region (International Federation of Social Workers Europe e.V.)

Ana I. Lima Fernandez

25 July 2018


LETTER (pdf)